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New in store: Fashionable jade rings

Summer is coming, and it's about time we dress in fun, bright colors. Often our fans and customers ask about the different colors available for jade, and we're happy to offer some new jade colors in our Candy Stack Collection. The rings are now available to pre-order until May 5 2017.

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Heritage and Craft | Pop-up Showroom

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of hosting a private showroom to display our current jade jewelry pieces to our VIPs, friends, and family. The event was a collaboration with French handbag and leathergoods brand Just Campagne, which, like us, is a family-run business. The event had a massive turnout, and we were happy to see the interest in TRACE and in our collaborators, Just Campagne! Keep reading for more about our event, and for a little gift as our appreciation to our fans...

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The best ways to celebrate Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. This is the date that should have the fullest moon of the entire year, and the moon's roundedness signifies the importance of reunion with everyone's community. This year in 2016, the festival falls on the 15th of September on the Western Calendar.  We have some suggestions on how to celebrate this beautiful festival. It's a time for thanksgiving and gathering with our loved ones, and we hope you will be able to enjoy this holiday to the fullest...

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