New Year Reflections

New Year Reflections

When we launched our brand TRACE, we intended to experiment with jadeite jade in elegant, easy-to-wear designs. We never expected to see such a positive reception to our jewelry in so many parts of the world!

In 2017, we hosted two Hong Kong pop-up shops, collaborated with Jouer to pair our jewelry with their signature macarons, and sold the most Vivi bracelets.

Over the holidays we hosted another pop-up showroom, allowing us to have an intimate setting to meet and greet our customers in Hong Kong. It gave us such a warm feeling that we would start off as strangers with our customers, but through our interactions we could become friends.

This time, we showcased unique pieces that were exclusive to the event and designs that are launching in our online jewelry shop. Some of our all-time most popular pieces are jade bangles, which we will continue to make available to purchase online.

High Quality Jade Bangles for sale | online at | shipped from Hong Kong

Isn't it amazing that jade colors can be so diverse? Apart from this unique amber and translucent white jade bangle, you can find a growing number of bangle bracelets on our web shop.

Got a jade color and size in mind? Simply contact us and we will hunt down the right one for you.

Yellow Translucent Jade Bangle | Shop online at | High Quality Jadeite Jade

One of the newly launched items is the Winnie bracelet – a marquise jade bracelet, with a vibrant green jade piece set in 14k white gold. As always, you can also order custom colors of jade and gold (in solid white, yellow, or rose gold). We're loving this new addition to our family of timeless, fine bracelets.

Marquise Green Jade Bracelet with White Gold | Winnie bracelet | Online jewelry

Thank you to all our friends, family, and loyal customers for your support! We would not be here if it weren't for your continuous encouragement.

We aim to continue to keep pushing the envelope in jade jewelry design in the new year. Watch this space for more exciting news from us!

Jade earrings, jade bracelets, and jade bangles for sale | TRACEJADE.COM | Hong Kong

TRACE jade jewelry showroom | Visual Displays for Fine Jewellery

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