Good Luck Charms for Lunar New Year

Good Luck Charms for Lunar New Year

Best wishes to you and your family in the Year of the Dog!

If you have been following us on social media and our newsletter, you would know about the launch of our Garland bracelet. It's the perfect good luck charm for the Lunar New Year, as well as a lovely gift for the favorite people in your lives.

We fell in love right away when we set our sights on the jade hearts. Carefully carved out of 6 natural colors of high quality jadeite, these jade charms bring color and character to any look!

Can you spot the 6 colors among the black watermelon seeds traditionally enjoyed for Chinese New Year?

Carved Jade Hearts | Colorful jade for charms and pendants |

To complement the colorful jade charms, we selected a grey cord, tied in a minimal Chinese knot. The adjustable knot allows for easy wearing and a flexible fit for any wrist size.

There are 4 jade color combinations readily available for the Garland bracelet, named after the 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season tells a story and represents different moods. Spring is fresh, Summer is lively, Autumn is sophisticated, and Winter is calm. Match your current mood with your own Garland colors and stack with other bracelets too!

Can't find the combination you wanted? Contact us and we'd love to create a custom design for you.

Jade Charm Bracelets | Colorful charm and cord bracelet by

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