Lavender Jade Bracelet in Rose Gold | Modern Jade Designs by TRACE
Lavender Jade Jewelry in Rose Gold | Modern Jade Stud Earrings & Bracelet by TRACE

Rose Gold Cushion Bracelet



An eye-catching stone with soft polished edges... It's a lovely accessory to look at and to touch! Pairs nicely with the Bonnie cushion earrings (sold separately).

  • 14 karat rose gold
  • 8x8mm cushion cut jade
  • Easy adjustable clasp at 15.25cm and 16.50cm
  • Each jade piece is unique and polished by hand; color and size may vary
  • Part of our innovative Cushion Collection

Our jade: We select high quality natural jadeite jade from trusted sources. We do not use chemical processes to affect the color and translucency of our jade.

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