Lavender Jade Ring | Solid Grade A jadeite at TRACE
Close up, lavender solid jade ring | TRACE modern jade jewelry

Lavender Solid Jade Ring



In a color of purity and lightness, this colored jade ring is a natural wonder to behold.

This solid jade ring was carved out of a single piece of jade. Each piece is unique and cannot be resized.

  • Translucent lavender jade ring
  • D-shaped cut with flat inner side
  • Width: 5-6mm
  • Single piece of natural jadeite jade

Due to the fine nature of this jade ring design, please wear with great care and avoid strong impact and pressure.

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The TRACE Guarantee: We guarantee that our jade is 100% natural, untreated Grade A jadeite. If our product is discovered to be treated or dyed at a reputable laboratory, we will issue a full refund for your purchase.