Threader Earrings with Jade Bead | 10 karat yellow gold dangling earrings
Gold Threader Earring Design with Green Beads
Yellow Gold Threader Earrings with Natural Jade
Modern Jade Earrings in Dangling Threader Style

Jade Bead Yellow Gold Threader Earrings



Fluid and versatile, the Kara threader earrings evoke a feeling of freedom. The beaded chain can be worn at various lengths according to your mood, and the diamond cut chain sparkles with movement.

  • 10 karat yellow gold
  • 6cm long chain earrings
  • 7mm jade beads
  • Each jade piece is natural and unique; color and size may vary
  • Part of the Bead Collection

What are threader earrings? They're a type of dangle earrings that have long soft chains meant to be pulled through the piercing like a needle and thread. We love playing around and wearing these earrings in different ways!

How to wear threader earrings: There are so many variations to wearing threader earrings! The easiest way is to keep the chain dangling at its longest length at the front, with the backing right behind the ear. From there, you can vary the earring's length by pulling it through the back. If you have a second piercing next to your main one, you can even loop through it too.

We know you love to move! To better secure your threader earrings, we recommend using the included earring backing. The specially designed shape matches the jade bead, and the clear silicone with gold gives a little extra shimmer.