Jade as a Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift

Jade as a Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift

We know sometimes it's hard to give your sweetheart a nice, thoughtful wedding anniversary gift. Where can one find the right gift that represents your everlasting love? Something that can withstand the test of time. Something that is one-of-a-kind.

There are different items that signify anniversaries, from paper to silk, copper to gold, crystal to emerald... And our fine jewelry would fit into the picture for 3 different anniversaries:

12th Wedding Anniversary – Colored Gemstone

The gift ideas for this anniversary can get pretty creative, and we think your choice would be up to the personal color preference of your spouse. Jadeite jade comes in a variety of colors – most notably green, but also in purple, yellow, white, black, etc. We at TRACE are continuously expanding our jewelry offerings to include a whole spectrum of beautiful jade colors.

For men, we recommend the dark and mysterious deep sea jade cufflinks. For the ladies, check out the stud earrings pictured below, the Nessa purple jade earrings.

Colorful gemstones – Purple jade jewelry

14th Wedding Anniversary – Gold Jewelry

Gold, the most malleable of all metals, makes a fantastic metaphor for a happy marriage, signifying how a couple molds their lives together for the good and the bad. The treasured metal does not tarnish like silver and brass, which makes it also a practical metal as jewelry for daily wear.

Here in yellow and white gold: the Wanda green jade cabochon bracelet.

Green jade bracelet | Jade jewelry designs by TRACE

35th Wedding Anniversary – Jade

Jade has symbolized longevity and nobility for centuries. With such a long history of importance in different cultures, it is no wonder that jade has been chosen as a gift for wedding anniversaries towards one's middle age.

Modeled here is a set of elegant jade cufflinks – Ron cufflinks in smokey sage jade.

Jade cufflinks | Men's anniversary gifts | TRACE

At TRACE, we have helped our customers celebrate such a major milestone, and even put together custom jewelry designs. The possibilities are endless, and it's a great place to start by browsing our online shop collections for women and men.


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