How to take care of your jewelry

How to take care of your jewelry

Of course we would love it if you wore your TRACE jewelry all the time, yet with regular use, your pieces are bound to get a bit dirty. So how should you keep your precious jewelry looking clean and new?

Our collections are made with jadeite stones set in gold, and it's important that you follow this guide to properly store and maintain your jewelry.

How to store jewelry

Jade and gold are sensitive to heat, so be sure to keep the jewelry in a dry, cool place, out of direct sunlight.

To avoid scratches on the jade stones, keep your jewelry in their original gift pouch. There are even 2 compartments inside to keep earrings separate!

Pro tip: We like to keep our personal collection tucked away, organized in a drawer and jewelry boxes. Don't have a pouch for your other precious pieces? A medicine box with compartments will do the trick too.

Jewelry packaging at TRACE Jade Jewelry

How to clean jade jewelry?

Clean and shine your jewelry with a soft chamois cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and heat.

To protect from damage by chlorine or salt water, remove your jewelry when swimming or going into a hot tub. You would also avoid the heartbreak when you come out of the water missing a necklace!

Got more questions?

Let us know and we would be happy to help!

Featured photo: Cindy green jade pendant necklace, cushion cut in 14k white gold


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