Get the Look: Office Outfit with a Pop

Get the Look: Office Outfit with a Pop

Work can be such a bore, but does it mean your outfit needs to be? We're all for a no frills morning when you don't have to think too hard on what to wear, yet you can still give a neutral palette a pop when paired with the right accessories.

Here we started off with some basics: a sheer navy blouse with white capris and handbag. Easy. To give the outfit another level of interest, we added some accessories that give a chic, effortless look. The green jade earrings, necklace and bracelet all stand out with their sharp color, yet the pieces are understated and don't feel too loud. The white gold jewelry is accompanied by a pair of fabulous silver pumps.

Jade may be considered an old-fashioned stone, but with the right cut and setting, it produces such a sophisticated and unique effect. Mix and match with different shapes also helps add variety. Give it a try with our Cushion Collection and Mini Oval Collection!

Shop the look: Blouse, $417, Vince || Earrings, $295, TRACE || Necklace, $255, TRACE || Bracelet, $195, TRACE || Satchel, $2910, Prada || Trousers, $678, Dolce & Gabbana || Heels, $775, Jimmy Choo

Get the look with navy and white, plus green jade earrings, necklace, and bracelet


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