Mood Board: Wisteria

Mood Board: Wisteria

When we were choosing our jade for our first jewelry collection, it was an easy decision to go with the light purple jade. It is such a feminine and soft color, yet under-appreciated in traditional jade jewelry.

Looking at our Wisteria pieces, we immediately associate them with the flowers we named our color after. It's common for wisteria vines to climb up lattices and trees, and we're reminded of the flowers waving in a blowing breeze when we see our purple jade dangle earrings and pendant necklaces.

Aren't they lovely?

Wisteria flowers

There's a sexiness to the color in our jewelry pieces, especially when paired with the rose gold setting. Depending on the lighting, it can be a very pale purple to almost a pink-ish hue.

We found this lovely purple chiffon see-through dress that really suits the feeling we're going for... The diffused sunlight, curled hair, berry red lips... Perfect!

Purple lace dress

Get the look: Try pairing your outfit with a pair of simple stud earrings, or add a little more drama with dangle earrings.

Explore more of our mood board for the wisteria color on Pinterest, or check out all of our jade jewelry in wisteria.

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